Thursday 14 March 2013

Cherryade Bundt Cake for Comic Relief

A red cake for Red Nose Day!

A massive hat tip to Rachel from DollyBakes for this cake who graciously allowed me to use her idea and recipe - and I think hers looks better than mine too (I need that bundt tin!).

As soon as I saw this on Rachel's website I knew it would be perfect for Comic Relief - a charity event that is also known as Red Nose Day. We are having a bake sale at work and I've made two cakes - I kind of felt I had to, as I'm now on the social committee and responsible for organising the bake sales now!

This cake uses Cherryade which is a lovely retro idea, though the colour does also come from food colouring. It's really easy to make.

I did make just over half the quantity given in Rachel's recipe as I had a feeling her bundt tin was a lot bigger than mine. In the end there was space for the cake to rise more - so I could have used a greater quantity of mixture - and if you do use the full quantities and have some left over, you could also make cupcakes.

Please visit Dollybakes for the exact ingredients and quantities.

Here's what I did:
Weigh out the butter and sugar (I used butter alone rather than vegetable fat as well)

Cream together and add the eggs

Add the vanilla and the dry ingredients

Cherryade! I did wonder if perhaps I shouldn't have bought the sugar-free variety as it seemed somehow thinner, but the cake turned out fine in the end.

Mix in the cherryade, which goes all frothy

Here's my trusty ruby red food colouring

It seemed to turn the batter a hot pink rather than ruby red...

... so I added some more until I was happy with the colour. I spooned it into my silicon bundt case.

As mine was half the quantity of Rachel's it needed less than half the time to bake. I think ovens can be temperamental anyway so the best thing to do is keep an eye on it and test with a skewer until it's done.

I was impressed the cake kept its lovely red colour! Here it is after turning out of the bundt case.

To make the glaze, mix icing sugar, cherryade and red food colouring. It needs to be runny but still reasonably thick.

Pour over the cake and allow the icing to drip down the sides.

I decorated it with Haribo cherry sweets

The cake is a lovely red colour when you cut into it which is really cool.

I am sending this to Bookmarked Recipes, hosted by Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes. The idea is to encourage food bloggers to revisit recipes they have bookmarked on websites, in books or magazines.


  1. Well done for contributing to RND - the cake looks amazing and very appropriate! :)

  2. wowzers Caroline... what colour!... what a great contribution! x

  3. lovely colour. i bet it tastes good too.


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