Monday 11 March 2013

Meal Planning 2013 - Week 11

I put on a pound last week which is annoying but I can't honestly say I didn't deserve to! I'm going out a couple of times this week so it won't be so easy, but I noticed I stopped food tracking for most of last week as I was too busy so I'm going to try my best to start doing it again this week.

Breakfast Mullerlight or Quorn sausages
Lunch Weightwatchers ready meal and veg
Dinner Choir rehearsal so will take sandwich

Breakfast Mullerlight or Quorn sausages
Lunch Sandwich with leftover chicken from Sunday's roast
Dinner At pub quiz so will eat in the pub, might allow myself a burger for a change

Breakfast Mullerlight or Quorn sausages
Lunch sandwich
Dinner Lamb in cherry glaze; hopefully if I've got time I will make soup for tomorrow. I may also make a small apple pie for dessert if I have time as I want to do it for National Pi(e) day, and if I haven't eaten too unhealthily this week!

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Chicken noodle soup
Dinner Salmon with new potatoes and veg

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Chicken noodle soup
Dinner Out with my boyfriend so eating out - not sure where yet

Breakfast Cereal bar on the go
Lunch Doing a photography lesson in London so I will grab something on my way
Dinner With my boyfriend - spaghetti bolognese (actually pasta pomodoro recipe from a new book I've got that I'll add mince or homemade meatballs to)
Cadburys egg 'n' spoon for dessert - I couldn't find these anywhere and nor could my mum but she's finally got me some!

Brunch with my boyfriend - Findus-style crispy pancakes similar to this recipe but with a ham and cheese filling
Dinner Lamb with harissa paste


  1. Yum! I seem to have lost my motivation these past couple of weeks, I don't know what has gone into me (asides from cake) but I need to sort it out! x

  2. Good luck with the weight loss x

  3. The Findus style Crispy Pancakes sound amazing! I used to LOVE the real deal back in the day.

  4. I find My fitness Pal great for tracking calories - do you use that too?
    Egg n Spoon is lush, coop have many here!
    Enjoy your week, you deserve a burger - yum x


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