Monday 29 October 2012

Meal Planning - Week 15

My boyfriend's mum is away for a few days so I'm going to go and stay at his house from Monday to Wednesday this week. I'm really looking forward to spending three days in a row with him and even the little things like cooking him dinner and making him a packed lunch for work - and it will be a good test run before we move in together!

On a separate note, I'm wondering if there's any point continuing to publish my meal plans on my blog, and whether to also log what I actually ate. I find it really useful in terms of trying to lose weight (or acknowledging why I didn't lose weight this week!) but it's not something that anyone else would be particularly interested in. And is it weird for people who stumble across this on the internet to know such random details of my life? I will think about this for another week or two but if you have an opinion (try not to be offensive please) then feel free to share in the comments box.

Breakfast Still at my house at this point - cereal
Lunch Cooked chicken and couscous
Dinner  At my boyfriend's from now on. As I don't want to have to faff around getting ingredients and worrying about what's in his house and what's in mine, I'm going to suggest pizza tonight, so he can have whichever type he wants and I can get a lower-calorie Weight Watchers branded pizza.

Breakfast Still at my boyfriend's. Will probably have to leave earlier than normal (he likes to get a very early train!) so will take some cereal with me to work
Lunch Cooked chicken and couscous
Dinner Ever since I had a macaroni cheeseburger in the Cheesecake Factory in Las Vegas, I've wanted to recreate it at home! My boyfriend always has burgers, bread rolls and chips in his house, none of which I ever buy, so I'll take advantage of that and try out the mac and cheese burger (though my boyfriend will probably want a plain one!)

Breakfast Still at my boyfriend's - cereal for breakfast
Lunch Baked potato, assuming I remember to take something with me to work!
Dinner Halloween today and we're going to my boyfriend's cousin's for dinner with her and her fiance. I don't know what they are planning to cook but I am providing dessert :-) I guess I'll go back to my house afterwards as his mum is back this evening and I will have neglected my poor cat for the past three days (though don't worry, my neighbour will feed her!).

Breakfast Back at my house - will cook quorn sausages
Lunch Sandwich
Dinner Beef curry using leftover beef from last weekend's brisket in coca-cola (though I will have frozen the leftovers as they wouldn't keep this long otherwise)

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Leftover beef curry from yesterday
Dinner Haven't thought this far ahead yet... not sure if I will invite my boyfriend over or stay home alone, after being at his house for most of the week I probably will need a couple of nights to do things around the house. If I'm home alone I will see what I've got that needs using up.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch  Small Weightwatchers pizza oval with salad
Dinner Bonfire night - planning to go to the local fireworks if it isn't raining. We need to be there before 7 so it might be a bit of a rush to eat beforehand so I think I'm going to suggest we go to the chip shop and buy some food to eat while we watch the fireworks. And I'm planning to make cupcakes today so that will be a lot of syns!

Breakfast/Lunch With my boyfriend - not sure if we will be at his house or mine. I could do the chicken ciabattas I was going to make last weekend but didn't.
Dinner Chargrilled tuna with warm coriander and caper vinaigrette from Delia's How to Cook Book 2 (that I recently picked up at a second hand sale) p59


  1. I know what you mean about blogging dinners.... I often wonder that. But people do genuinely find inspiration on these posts - I have pinned loads of recipes on Pinterest from other people's plans. I like reading your plans but they are very SW specific with lots of terminology so I tend to skip the "Did I stick to it?" section and just read the meals, if you know what I mean! But perhaps someone else on SW would find this helpful to help them stay on track.

    Sorry if that's not very constructive! I think you should just do what feels right for you. If you enjoy it, then carry on. If you don't, then stop!

  2. Lots of lovely plans. I hope you enjoy Bonfire night and your boyfriends cousin x


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