Monday 15 October 2012

Meal Planning - Week 13

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Will probably need to buy something as I will have only got back from Germany yesterday evening. Though if I remember I can prepare some couscous or something similar.
Dinner Going over to my boyfriend's as he is off to Barcelona for a conference tomorrow and needs to pack this evening. Shame he's away this week as I was in Germany last week and we haven't seen much of each other!
Did I stick to it? Breakfast: Cereal. Lunch: totally unprepared so bought a small pack of Boots sushi. Couldn't find it on the Slimming World website and threw the packet away already but from comparing it to other brands I think it was about 2.5 syns (I had actually expected it to be free!). It was a small pack so afterwards I had a pasta Mug Shot (free). Afternoon snack: chocolate Rice Krispie Square (7 syns). In the evening I had dinner at my boyfriend's and ate the same as him - burger and chips. First time I've eaten something like that at home in ages! I'm going to have to count 9 syns for the burger, about 7 for the bread roll, 5 for some cheese and 7 for chips. And after that I had three squares of chocolate which I'm guesstimating at 8 syns... not a very good evening as far as the diet is concerned! At least I went to the gym at lunchtime.
Total syns for the day: 45.5, most of that on dinner. Really not a good start to the week!

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Jacket potato
Dinner German meal - TBA but hopefully including Kartoffelpuffer
Did I stick to it? Breakfast: cereal (option b). Morning snack: Go Ahead chocolate thins (7 syns for a pack of two), Pepsi Max (free). Lunch: baked potato (no butter), low fat cottage cheese, prawns - all free. Dinner: 1 Bockwurst sausage (estimate 8 syns), 2 homemade Kartoffelpuffer (free) and apple sauce (6 syns), bit of chocolate (estimate 6 syns), apple juice (3 syns).
Total syns for the day: 30

Breakfast Leftover Kartoffelpuffer
Lunch Ham/cheese sandwich
Dinner Chicken in a mango sauce with rice and veg - I've got a random bottle of mango sauce I bought in a Chinese supermarket that I need to use up.
Did I stick to it? Overslept so didn't have time to make the Kartoffelpuffer and there was none left over from yesterday. I had breakfast at my desk at work so I had an OatSo Simple porridge pot with golden syrup, which I'm quite surprised to find has 10.5 syns! Wondering if I could have used it as a healthy extra if it weren't for the fact that I had a sandwich for lunch. I also had a packet of ryvita minis (5 syns) and a Rice Krispie square (7 syns). For dinner I had a German pizza from Lidl, just to continue my German theme, but I've already thrown the packaging away and have no idea of the brand, so I'm going to estimate 25 syns.At least I went to the gym at lunchtime.
Total syns for the day: 47.5. I feel like I fell off the wagon when I was in Germany and I haven't been able to get back on. I'm not looking forward to my weigh-in this week!

Breakfast Use leftover rice to make kedgeree
Lunch Ham/cheese sandwich
Dinner  Out at the theatre with Ros, not sure where we'll go for dinner beforehand but we usually eat Thai so hopefully if we do something similar it won't be too unhealthy
Did I stick to it? I'm not sticking to my meal plan at all at the moment! I didn't have rice last night so there was none leftover for breakfast, but today I did get up in time to make the Kartoffelpuffer - I've decided they are probably more like a rosti than a pancake but either way they are lovely, and syn free! I should count about 4 syns for the apple sauce, I will have to try out some syn-free options to have with this as this is quickly becoming my favourite breakfast. Morning snack: packet of Tesco slightly salted snacks (5 syns). Lunch: sandwich - brown bread, ham, cheese, little bit of mayo so counting 3 syns. Evening: went to an Italian restaurant before the theatre and had a glass of wine (7 syns), a tomato-based pasta dish with chicken but it was quite creamy so I'm estimating another 7 syns, then tiramisu for dessert which was probably about 20 syns! I had another glass of wine in the interval of the play as it was included in the ticket price, which is another 7 syns. As an aside, I strongly recommend Red Velvet at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn, London. The wonderful and gorgeous Adrian Lester is in it, and I got to meet him and had a conversation with him in the lobby after the show!
Wish I didn't have to admit to the fact that since the show finished quite late - there was a Q&A with the cast afterwards - it was about 1am by the time I got home and I was starving so I got some chips from the shop next to the bus stop! Oh dear... probably another 15 syns or so.
Total syns for the day: About 69, oh dear this week is turning out really badly!

Breakfast Cereal

Lunch Pasta? not sure what I will have time to prepare if I'm out on Thurs night. Could always buy some sushi.

Dinner My boyfriend is back from Barcelona today so he's coming to my house for dinner in the evening. I think I'll make baked turkey lemon rolls from Weightwatchers Autumn book p.46
Did I stick to it? Breakfast: cereal. Morning snack: Tesco slightly salted snacks, 5 syns. Lunch: cheese and tomato pasta pot from Tesco. I can't find it on the Slimming World website but I bet it has more syns than I would like, so I am estimating 7. Don't think I had an afternoon snack but can't really remember...cooked dinner in the evening for my boyfriend but adapted the recipe so I used mozzarella in the chicken instead of the recommended cottage cheese so I'm going to count 5 syns for it. I served it with mashed potato and veg and we did break into the stash of chocolate in the evening but I only had a couple of squares so will count 5 syns.
Total syns for the day: 22, I think - but am updating this two days late and can't really remember what I had.

Breakfast Porridge? Need to check how many syns that would be
Lunch: Out at cake decorating class - take packed lunch
Dinner Will stay at my boyfriend's house since he stayed at mine last night so dinner may depend on what he has in the house.
Did I stick to it? Breakfast: In a hurry so had two crackerbreads and soft cheese (free for options a and b). I took a packed lunch to my cake decorating class with brown bread, ham and cheese, but I should count a few syns for the cheese and smear of mayo (6 syns). Also ate a packet of sweets on the way home, no idea how many syns but I'm going to say 12. When I got home I also had a pasta mug shot (free). Went out to dinner with my boyfriend in the evening which was lovely as we haven't done that in ages. I had a small portion of pasta as a starter - with prawns in a tomato sauce but I expect there was probably oil or something in it so I should count 3 syns. Also had a small piece of bread dipped in balsamic vinegar - guessing 5 syns. For my main course I had sea bass in a white wine sauce with potatoes and vegetables, most of which should have been free but I'm going to count a few syns for the sauce (4). Also had a large glass of wine- I would normally choose a small one, but it was a long week! So that was another 9 syns, then I had lemon sorbet for dessert, which I thought was relatively healthy but from looking at the SW website I think I should count 8 syns for it.
Total syns for the day: 38, not bad as I made better choices for dinner.
Weigh in: I put on a pound over two weeks (as I couldn't go last week). I don't think that's too bad since I was in Germany eating a lot of bread and cheese and I haven't been good at all since I got back. I really am going to try harder next week to make sure I shift this pound!

Breakfast I want to cook something we had in America: Navajo fry bread. I brought a packet mix home with me, I have no idea what it will turn out like but it seems like a good option for breakfast/ brunch. In America they serve it both sweet and savoury, either with syrup and icing sugar, or as a sandwich or wrap, or sometimes even just plain as a side dish. I'm going to suggest we get some cold cuts of ham and cheese and I'll give the bread a go, though it does mean deep fat frying which always scares me!
Lunch See above as that will probably be brunch
DinnerRoast chicken leg, roast potatoes, veg, gravy, bread sauce - so about 3 syns in total.
Did I stick to it? Brunch: Fry bread, no idea how many syns, had it with honey and crispy bacon so will count 10 syns to be on the safe side. Didn't eat anything else all day until dinner- roast chicken leg, roast potatoes, veg, all free; gravy 2 syns, bread sauce 2 syns. Also had a little bit of the nanaimo bars I made for this month's Alphabakes - to be blogged about soon! Counting 5 syns for that.
Total syns for the day: 19, not bad at all.

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