Monday 8 October 2012

Meal planning - week 12

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Chicken soup
Dinner Going to my boyfriend's in the evening so will have whatever they are eating or some salmon I know I have in their freezer
Did I stick to it? Breakfast: cereal. Morning: Packet of Tesco slightly salted snacks (5.5 syns). Had brought in the rest of the soup for lunch that I made last week but I had a last-minute invitation to a work lunch, at Gordon Ramsey's Bread Street Kitchen, so I wasn't going to say no! I was quite good though - I only drank water, we only had one course (it wasn't business lunches like I used to do when I was a financial reporter on a national newspaper!) and I had tuna steak, in some sort of green sauce (probably a few syns - estimate 4) and chunky chips, though they were so crispy I could hardly cut them so I didn't actually feel like I'd eaten a huge amount of chips - though I should probably still count 10 syns. Afternoon snack: crabsticks. Dinner: I had a frozen salmon fillet that came with some sort of flavoured butter in the bag that you cook in the oven; I was at my boyfriend's house and can't remember what brand it was so can't look up the syns, the salmon is of course free but due to the butter I'm going to estimate 7. I had it with a baked potato, two Laughing Cow Light triangles and vegetables, and diet coke, all of which is free. Later in the evening while forcing him to sit through Bridesmaids (he's so lovely!) I had a mini packet of maltesers which is 5 syns. I also had a homemade coffee cupcake - which I'd forgotten about until just now - so should probably count another 10 syns for that. Oh dear!
Total syns for the day: About 42 I reckon

Breakfast Quorn sausages

Lunch Ham sandwich

Dinner Stuffed baby squash from Weightwatchers Autumn book p. 32
Did I stick to it? Breakfast: Quorn sausages. Morning snack: Packet of Tesco cheese and chive mini snacks, 5.5 syns. Lunch: ham sandwich with brown bread and mustard - free/option b. Afternoon snack: ryvita minis (5 syns), went to gym at lunchtime. Pepsi Max - free. Really hungry on the way home so I had a Kellogg's Rice Krispie Squares rocky road bar, which is 7 syns - not bad as it's really chocolately and quite big. Dinner: stuffed baby squash which I had with cous cous, it wasn't great but that was the squash itself - I don't know what kind it was as my grandfather grew it in his garden and I thought it would be the same as butternut squash but it did taste a bit different. Afterwards I had some leftover chocolate mousse from a dessert I made for tomorrow's dinner - I will try to calculate the syns properly for the portions I made for tomorrow but for now I'm going to count 5 syns for licking the spoon... as I did that a few times!
Total syns for the day: 2, not too bad.

Breakfast Quorn sausages
Lunch Ham sandwich
Dinner Having my boyfriend over to dinner: as I didn't make the curry I was planning for Saturday but I bought him a naan bread and all the other ingredients, I'll make it tonight. I also want to make a dessert I've just seen in my new Masterchef Kitchen Bible - rice crispie cake with chocolate mousse (p428)
Did I stick to it? Breakfast: Quorn sausages. Morning snack: Rice Krispie Squares rocky road (7 syns). Lunch: Ham and cheese sandwich but I ran out of brown bread and bought a couple of small ciabatta rolls from Tesco which I now discover are 11 syns! Never mind, the rest of this week is going to be a washout anyway!
Total syns for the day:

Sadly I am travelling to Germany today for a funeral. I will be away until Sunday so am not planning meals for the rest of this week.


  1. I hope that the funeral goes as well as possible for you *hugs*

    Apparently it's National Curry week so that sounds perfect and the masterchef dessert sounds delicious! x

  2. Hope the funeral goes as well as can be expected. x

    Lovely sounding meals. That masterchef dessert does sound good.


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