Monday 30 July 2018

Meal Planning Monday 2018 Week 31

My husband's week off really did not go to plan. We were both really sick for nearly the whole week - more ill than I remember being for a long time. Luckily baby S didn't get ill at all, and we were just about able to take it in turns to take care of her - I got sick first then my husband, then we were both recovering and feeling really rough for a couple of days but able to cope. We couldn't have managed without my mother-in-law's help though!

So any plans we had for the week went out the window (down the toilet would be a more accurate phrase) and we were off our food and not eating much all week either. We were ok by the weekend when my sister and niece came to stay which was really nice; now they have left and my husband is back at work it's back to my daily routine of being a mum on maternity leave.

Lunch (with my sister and niece) hotdogs
Dinner Fishcake and mashed potato for me

I promised my husband takeaway after a rotten week off so I'll see if he wants to do it tonight, or at the weekend


macaroni cheese with bacon lardons and sausages


Lunch  bacon sandwich
Dinner chicken stuffed with boursin in a red wine sauce I didn't do last week

Lunch TBA maybe pancakes
Dinner pizza topped chicken I didn't do last week

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