Monday 23 July 2018

Meal Planning Monday 2018 Week 30

My husband has finally got some time off so we can spend the week as a family - we haven't really planned anything to do yet, but I know he's coming along to baby massage and My Gym to see what baby S gets up to every week, and we will have at least one afternoon out, and hopefully do a few other things like finish decorating the nursery.

Then at the weekend my sister and her 20 month old are coming to stay so we've got some fun but low key activities planned. I will also adjust the menu depending on what my niece prefers to eat and whether we are eating our dinner at the same time as her, or later.

Lunch - sandwich
Dinner - barbecue

Lunch- pasta bake or bacon sandwich
Dinner- gammon and new potatoes or macaroni cheese with sausage

Lunch- homemade sausage rolls with puff pastry
Dinner- barbecue

Lunch- pasta bake or fresh rolls for sandwiches if I buy any
Dinner- chicken stuffed with boursin in a red wine sauce

Lunch- ham and cheese toasties
Dinner- gammon and new potatoes or macaroni cheese with sausage

Lunch- probably something easy like a bacon sandwich
Dinner- barbecue

Lunch- crumpets and Scotch pancakes
Dinner- pizza-topped chicken with mashed potato or new potatoes and veg

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  1. I'm sure your hubby will love seeing what he usually misses out on. I'm loving the sound of pizza topped chicken :)


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