Monday 25 June 2018

Restaurant review: Finch's pub, Finsbury Square, London

Baby S had a big day recently - we got the train up to London and a bus to visit daddy at work. She was definitely a big hit with some of his colleagues and it was my first time seeing my husband’s office too which was nice - he has a much better view out his window than when I was at work!

#My office was only a ten minute walk away so after lunch I took S in to meet my team and I had a good catch up with my manager while I was feeding the baby. In the end we were out of the house for over 7 hours and S was so well behaved and meant for a much easier day than I expected (she was only 14 weeks old after all) - S had her lunch in the pub when we did then I fed her again in the break room at my office.

My husband’s suggestion for lunch was a pub near his office called Finch’s as he'd been before and knew they did good food. The staff were very happy accommodating a buggy and gave us a table with plenty of space; however when I asked to use the disabled toilets which had a baby change table, I found they were using it as storage for several chairs and I couldn't get to the changing table without moving at least half a dozen chairs - and decided not to bother and change S when we got to my office.

I was tempted to order the mac and cheese scotch egg (£8), which I was told was a vegetarian version of a scotch egg with macaroni cheese around the egg instead of sausage meat. It sounded really nice and I wish I had ordered it now, but it didn't come with anything and I didn't particularly want to order a side of chips but didn't think the egg would be enough on its own. Instead I had the pulled BBQ pork in a brioche bun (£9), which also didn't come with any sides as it was on the brunch menu. It was really filling and very good - the barbecue sauce was delicious - but perhaps a little expensive as I would expect to pay not much more for a burger (or pulled pork in a bun) with chips. My husband had the burger which did come with chips which at £14 and another £1.50 to add bacon was also quite steep. I guess the City centre location was part of that, but while the food was good it was a bit expensive for what we had.

I couldn't see any sign of branding and my husband said he'd never noticed anything to suggest it was part of a chain so I was surprised when I looked it up on the internet afterwards and found it was a Young's pub. Young's always does good food and this was no exception.



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