Tuesday 19 June 2018

Meal Planning Monday 2018 Week 25

A lot going on this week - it's our wedding anniversary and my parents are coming to stay after that and have offered to babysit one night, so as well as going out for our anniversary we might go to the cinema as well. We used to go regularly - though mainly to see each Marvel movie when they came out as my husband is a big fan - but have only been to the cinema once since S was born 15 weeks ago. Unsurprisingly that was to see the Marvel Avengers film, Infinity War! This time I think it will be between Solo - a Star Wars story, and Jurassic World - a fallen kingdom. We'd both like to see Deadpool 2 as well but with three good films out at the moment I think we will have to wait for that one on DVD or Sky Cinema!

Dinner out for our anniversary at the Ned

Barbecue at home

Wednesday - my parents are staying
Lunch- beans/macaroni cheese on toast
Dinner- Hunter's chicken with Applewood barbecue sauce, from an Ocado recipe

Lunch- early lunch as we are going to My Gym so something easy like cheese toasties (I'll confess - I just had the food shopping delivered and realised I forgot to plan anything for today's lunch!)
Dinner-  barbecue

Lunch- fresh pasta
Dinner- possibly out if I'm meeting my husband from work to go to the cinema

Lunch- was going to do baked croque monsieur from an Ocado recipe, depends if we already had chees on toast on Thursday!
Dinner- Tacos I was going to do last week but didn't, or leftover barbecue food

Lunch- TBA
Dinner- whichever of the Saturday options we didn't have, or a chicken traybake

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