Monday 25 June 2018

Meal Planning 2018 Week 26

It's a scorcher this week! I expect we will be barbecuing a fair bit but these days I don't really have the time to make different recipes and it's more a case of just ordering meat. But I don't really like to eat that much meat and never really eat any veg when we barbecue (I only like salad when I have it as a meal in itself, I somehow can't make myself eat it on the side at a barbecue!). So I need to factor in a couple of other meals when I can eat some veg and try to find some easy healthy barbecue recipes as well!

Barbecue - including cauliflower with a spice rub, from an Ocado recipe and possibly also chicken fattoush

Spaghetti Bolognese to use up mince from Sunday's tacos


Chicken chargrills and mashed potato for him, chicken cacciatore for me


Lunch - my husband is working today so I will have a sandwich or salad
dinner- he will probably want to barbecue again assuming I've been able to restock food!

Lunch - fresh pasta
Dinner - chicken tray bake

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