Monday 2 October 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 40

I barely managed to blog at all last week - I had quite a busy week, out three days during the week and away visiting family at the weekend. For anyone who read my meal plan last week and was wondering about the awards on Friday night.... we won!

Here I am having just collected the Institute of Internal Communications award for Best News/ BAU Writing on behalf of my team - pretty cool given it's a national award across all industries and we beat some stiff competition!
I also had a good weekend seeing my family for my dad's birthday and came away with quite a haul of baby gear, as my sister's 10-month old daughter doesn't need some of her things any more. At this stage we still don't know if we are having a girl or a boy but she still gave us loads of neutral clothes plus things like a moses basket (two, actually), a cot mobile and a sling that seems to be just a long piece of fabric you are supposed to knot around yourself to put your baby in - I don't think I will have the confidence to do that!

Anyway on to this week.... I'm away tomorrow and Wednesday going to a blogger conference called Blog Camp on Board - organised by Flea Ents, the company behind the Foodies 100 index, and hosted by MSC Cruises on board the MSC Preziosa, which should be interesting - more on this in another post!

I've left planning meals a bit late as I was so busy last week and pregnancy is still making me very tired... I fell asleep in front of the TV earlier this evening and it was only about 9pm! So here's what I've planned so far:

ready made lasagne (went shopping on way home)

at my sister's where I am staying before Blog Camp

home from Blog Camp around 8pm so think I will have a quick tuna risotto using microwave rice

working from home as I have an antenatal appointment in the middle of the day. Hunter's chicken for him, salmon and sweet potato for me

stir-fry chicken with veg and noodles though without my favourite beansprouts as you are not allowed to eat those when pregnant

Lunch crumpet pizzas
Dinner Chinese takeaway style meal from the supermarket - bit of a weekend treat and means I don't have to cook much while we are trying to sort out the spare room to become a nursery!
Lunch sweet apple lamb left over from last week in a baked potato for me, beans and cheese in a baked potato for him
Dinner roast beef with cauliflower cheese

Link up your meal plan below!

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  1. Congratulations and I hope you had a fab time today. I was gutted I had to work but it was really too far to travel. A delicious meal plan as always x #MealPlanningMonday


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