Tuesday 24 January 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 4

This week's train strikes have been called off and apparently normal service will resume on Tuesday - which would be the first time in about four months that my normal train to work is running! So it means I won't be working from home as much this week, though I have still agreed one day working from home while I have coursework to do for a professional qualification, so I can use the time when I would normally be commuting to study.

Lunch: going to try an Itsu chicken noodle cup from Ocado with extra chicken added
Dinner: working late as I'm at a work event so will grab something quick when I get in

Tuesday - I'm working from home
Lunch: toasted ham and cheese sandwich
Dinner: my husband is out at work drinks so I will have sweet and sour chicken which he doesn't like

Lunch: leftover sweet and sour chicken
Dinner: Slimming World sausage casserole with mashed potato for him and a baked sweet potato for me

Lunch: slow cooker Thai coconut chicken soup
Dinner: chicken lattice with mashed potato for him, lamb grillsteak with veg for me

Lunch: slow cooker Thai coconut chicken soup
Dinner: something from the freezer with chips

Lunch: bacon sandwich
Dinner: TBA - ran out of time to plan anything

Brunch: I'm going to try making this hash brown casserole
Mid-afternoon: going for a pub lunch with the in-laws at 3pm, hence having brunch as it is a weird time for me to eat, so I don't think we will want anything else in the evening but I'm not sure!

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