Monday 2 January 2017

Meal Planning 2017 - Week 1

Happy new year! I'm going to be planning some healthier meals this year, or at least trying to - I tend to fall off the wagon very easily! I always say I need to lose weight, go on a diet or change the way I eat (eg sugar-free or more protein) and lose a couple of pounds, then stop losing any weight at all, and then go back to eating whatever I want. The endless delays and cancellations on Southern Trains don't help as I generally get home so late that I'm too tired and it's too late to cook dinner from scratch! So for the month of January I'm going to do two things - cut out sugar as much as I can (certainly on weekdays), eat fewer carbs and more protein, and generally try to eat healthily without following any faddy diets. I will be using Slimming World and Weight Watchers recipes as I've got a lot of their cookery books, but I won't be counting Points or Syns or treating any foods as 'free' as I don't like some of the fundamentals of their programmes. I really hope I do manage to shift some weight this time!

Monday 2 January - bank holiday
I'm going to make some soups today to last me the week - Weight Watchers Soothing Chicken Soup (from the Autumn cookery book from a few years back) and I will try the rosemary and bean soup, even though I don't normally like cannellini beans, as they will be blended!
Lunch - bacon sandwich for him, warm broccoli and bacon salad for me
Dinner - steak and chips as a final treat before we go back to work

Lunch- soup
Dinner - spaghetti and meatballs with fresh tagliatelle

Lunch- rest of tagliatelle
Dinner- filo fish bake from Weight Watchers Autumn p38 with chicken for him

Lunch- soup
Dinner - soy roast carrots with quinoa from same book p.46 for me, chicken curry with korma sauce for him

Lunch- soup or leftovers from yesterday's dinner
Dinner - fish fingers and chips for me, chicken goujons for him

Lunch - scrambled eggs on toast for him, eggs benedict for me
Dinner - roast gammon joint

Lunch - full English for him, prawns and smoked salmon and brown bread for me
Dinner - butternut squash enchiladas for me, chicken for him

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  1. The chicken soup sounds really nice, perfect for this time of year, I will have to try to find the recipe for it. Have a lovely week xx

  2. I've started planning my meals again - our food bill was getting so high last year.
    I'm planning one shifting about 21 lbs this year so need to start eating a bit better.Hoping the meal plan helps

  3. Happy new year! Oooh the soy roasted carrots sound delicious! I have also been making soups and have a good stock in the freezer. Hope you have a great week x #MealPlanningMonday


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