Monday 12 December 2016

Meal Planning Monday 2016 - Week 50

This week there is a planned train strike. I only live about 9 miles from where I work but it takes at least an hour and a quarter to commute each way - often much longer, thanks to the disaster that is Southern Trains. So many trains are cancelled or delayed, and I've lost count of how many strikes there have been so far this year  - it's unbelievable. Luckily most strikes have been conductors rather than drivers, which means most (but not all) of my trains have been running. However, this week there are three days of drivers strikes which means there will be no trains at all, so the only option that I can see for me and my husband is to work from home. So I'm planning meals that will work either way if the strike happens or is called off!

honey, ginger and garlic chicken with spiralized veg for me and potatoes for him, that I was going to make last week but didn't Thanks to the train strike and taking hours to get home, we went to the chip shop for dinner.

Tuesday - proposed strike
Lunch if home - soup and bread
dinner- lamb grills and peppered beef steak, mashed potato and veg

Wednesday - proposed strike
Lunch if home - baked potatoes
dinner - lasagne from freezer for me, chicken chargrills for him

My Christmas lunch at work and out in the evening (though I won't be too late as if this is the only day between strikes I still expect trains to be screwed!

Friday - proposed strike
Lunch if home- bacon sandwich
dinner -- chicken kiev and chips

lunch- spaghetti carbonara
dinner - chicken and apple pot from Slow Cooker Cookbook p57

lunch- depends what else we've had this week; maybe posh cheese on toast
dinner - steak and chips followed by butterscotch puddings  from Slow Cooker Cookbook  p208

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