Friday 27 May 2016

Restaurant Review: Redfearns, Wincanton, Somerset

The third element of my recent hen night that I wanted to write about was the meal we had at Redfearns restaurant in Wincanton. It's a fairly small Thai restaurant that was very kind to us in terms of giving us a big table and not minding that we were the last people there!
Wincanton is an old market town in Somerset; I'd never been there before and to be honest all we really saw was between where we parked the car and walked up to the restaurant, but it did look quite pretty!
Redfearns' menu wasn't that big with only six main courses – when I go to Thai restaurants normally I’m used to having a lot of choice! They did have a Phad Thai which is my go-to Thai meal and I was going to order it, but the rest of the group wanted the tasting set menu, and everyone in the party has to order that. I was too busy chatting and enjoying myself to really mind either way so went along with the set menu, and realised afterwards there wasn't actually that much in it that I liked!
It also turned out to be sharing plates with not actually a huge amount of food; everyone got one piece of each starter but then just a few spoonfuls of each main course and a big pile of rice.
  The food was nicely cooked but I wasn't actually that keen on any of the three main courses - the Thai chicken was my preference but it was a bit too spicy. I think I should have looked at the menu properly and ordered a Pad Thai, though it would have meant nobody else could have the set menu!
We had a vegan in our group and the restaurant was able to cater to her with no problem.
Here's what the set menu included:
Honey and soy chicken skewers
Baby spring rolls
Pork and coriander meatball
King prawn steamed dumpling
tomato and coconut soup
Main courses
-Thai chicken and courgette green curry
Vietnamese pork and aubergine stir fry
Seafood phad pak – stir fried seafood with veg in oyster sauce
Thai crispy cucumber, tomato, coriander and peanut salad
Jasmine rice


All this was £18.95 which did seem a lot give we didn't actually eat a huge quantity of food, but maybe that was partly because I didn't like the soup so skipped it, and don't remember the Thai salad making it round the table as far as me  - and I don't lik courgette, aubergine, or squid which was unfortunately a big part of the seafood dish!
So I actually felt a bit hungry afterwards still and several of us decided to have dessert; I had a mango cheesecake that was really creamy which I enjoyed.
It seemed a nice enough restaurant though and was a good place to spend the evening with my hens - I'm far too old now to want to go on a noisy bar crawl!

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