Monday 9 May 2016

Meal Planning Monday Week 20

Last weekend was a scorcher and we had our first barbecue of the year. I don't normally eat bread at the moment but couldn't resist a sausage in a roll... I also had some bread at lunchtime and unsurprisingly my weight has crept up a tiny bit. Still, I had my wedding dress fitting on Saturday and the dress does need taking in, hooray! Unfortunately there is an underwear issue and I only have a couple of weeks to find something in my size (not easy) which I'm a bit dismayed about, as the shop has been telling me since last November that what I had was fine! So at this rate my weight will not be my biggest worry in terms of how the dress looks....

The weather is supposed to be nice this week but not so hot, with the possibility of showers most days during the week, so I don't know whether we will be barbecuing again or not.

I'm working from home
Lunch: barbecue salad leftovers
Dinner: dinner - deconstructed gyro salad  with beef meatballs for my fiancé as he doesn't like lamb

Lunch: chickpea and salmon salad similar to this recipe
Dinner: salmon with broccoli and cauliflower rice for me, my fiancé is probably going to his mum's but if he's home he can have chicken chargrills

Lunch: chicken salad
Dinner: supposed to be the nicest weather all week so we might barbecue again, since we have a gas barbecue that takes no time at all to heat up. I've got to stick to the diet better this week though (I'm allowed two days to eat 'normally' which is when I usually have things like bread) so no hot dogs and burgers for me this time. Instead we can have some spicy thin cut beef steaks I got from Tesco and he can have a couple of sausages as well and I'll have a tuna steak and salad. I will try this spring onion and red onion salad and see if I can get some watermelon as well - I love eating watermelon in the summer.

Lunch: chickpea and salmon salad similar to this recipe
Dinner: out with old work colleagues; my fiancé is probably going to be out at his own work drinks

Lunch: salad of some kind
Dinner: chicken goujons and chips for him;

Saturday: my fiancé is on his stag night
Lunch:  homemade sweet potato soup (in freezer)
Dinner: shrimp and cauliflower salad

Lunch: fajitas for him, with the same but on little gem lettuce for me
Dinner: pork medallions with balsamic honey glaze for me (to use up pork from the freezer), chicken breast for him, maybe with roast potatoes as I don't think the weather is going to be hot

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