Monday 28 January 2013

Meal planning 2013 - week 5

I put on a pound last week which is really frustrating, as I seem to lose weight one week and put some on the next! I know it's because I don't stick properly to the Slimming World plan - there are so many foods I don't like that I sometimes struggle to stick to syn-free foods and I'm always hungry between meals. So I'm going to do my best this week to stick to my plan for my main meals, and make sure anything I eat between meals is as low-syn as possible.

Breakfast Potato pancakes if time to make, or quorn sausages
Lunch  Weightwatchers chicken lasagne ready meal as I have a ...
Dinner ...Choir rehearsal straight after work, so I will take a sandwich and probably have something hot when I get home as well (probably a Mug Shot or a piece of toast). Though I've just realised I've forgotten my music, which is really annoying!

Breakfast Potato pancakes or quorn sausages
Lunch Tuna sandwich
Dinner At my boyfriend's house; I will either have chicken or salmon as they are probably the healthiest things in his freezer

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Out for a team lunch at a posh Indian restaurant - I need to stay away from the naan!

Dinner Fresh beef ravioli

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Leftover beef ravioli if there is any
Dinner TBA as I've got an appointment after work which means I will be home quite late - though I am thinking of cancelling. I had pencilled in Salmon florentine from an old Slimming World magazine but it will depend what time I get home

Breakfast Quorn sausages if any left or cereal
Lunch Having lunch provided at work as a sort of reward for a very busy month - no idea what it will be but I'm assuming sandwiches or maybe they will order in pizza.
Dinner Will invite my boyfriend over - I want to make a recipe from my new Slimming World recipe book  The Extra Easy Cookbook (which I got for 60p in a charity shop!) for honey-glazed pork chops with spring onion and red pepper mash, though I will have to do it with chicken for my boyfriend as he doesn't eat pork (or spring onions or red pepper for that matter).

I'm not going to make dessert tonight as I need to be really good before my weigh-in tomorrow. If my boyfriend wants a dessert I've got some low fat chocolate mousses which are 5 syns, so I could have one if I really wanted.

Breakfast Cereal

Lunch Mackarel in mustard sauce on toast
Dinner With my boyfriend - A bit more of a treat for dinner as I won't get weighed again for a whole week! I've got a cool new cookery book called America's Most Wanted Recipes which recreates meals from famous chain restaurants - most of which we don't actually have in the UK (I bought it for the Cheesecake Factory recipes!). I'm going to make what the book calls TGI Friday's Sizzling Chicken and Cheese (p233). For dessert I will go back to a Slimming World recipe I found on another blog for mini oreo cheesecakes.

Brunch with my boyfriend - the same recipe book has a version of IHOP's banana pancakes and while I doubt I can get hold of banana essence in time for this Sunday I will adapt the recipe and make something similar.
Dinner Pork medallions in lemon garlic sauce from this recipe 

Will also make some butternut squash and turkey bacon risotto for lunch next week (that's more of a reminder to myself than anything!)


  1. Americas most wanted sounds like a good resource! Are the meals all dealt calorific though?

    1. Yes, it all looks extremely unhealthy! But I often adapt recipes and I'm sure I could make a few substitutions to reduce the calories - and it won't hurt to have the odd meal as a treat.

  2. Ohhh I do like the sound of America's Most Wanted Recipes!!
    Great meal plan :)

  3. The America's most wanted sounds fun. I'd be rubbish at a diet like SW or WW, there are so many things I don't like the taste of.

    1. Me too - I'm a very fussy eater and my boyfriend is even worse! I think that's at least partly why I find it very hard to stick to diets and lose weight. It's all very well being told to snack on bananas for instance but I hate bananas... still, there are plenty of things I can eat so I have no excuse!


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