Monday 6 August 2012

Meal planning - week 7

I'm going on holiday this week, woohoo! Off to Majorca with my 4 best friends from school for a sunny beach holiday (and leaving our boyfriends/ husbands at home!) So I am not planning for the days I am away as there doesn't seem to be much point - I will do my best to remember I am trying to lose weight and notover indulge too much while I am away... especially as I have another holiday 2 and a half weeks after I come back!

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Roast chicken portion I have in the freezer with couscous and pickled onions
Dinner Will invite my boyfriend over to dinner - spaghetti and meatballs. I've got some Tesco meatballs in the freezer he really likes, though they are 3.5 syns each - so I could let him have those and make my own from scratch. Problem is, minced beef has different numbers of syns depending on whether it is less than 5% fat, less than 12% fat, less than 20% fat, and I have no idea what kind I have in the freezer! My boyfriend has been asking for meatballs for ages though so I will still do it. The spaghetti and passata will be free.

Did I stick to it? Breakfast: cereal. Lunch: roast chicken portion, roast potatoes - free. Afternoon/post lunch snacks: packet of Weightwatchers mini chocolate and orange cookies - 5 syns. Marshmallow wafer - 1.5 syns. I'll have to buy some more of these, didn't realise they were that low!  Also had a WW caramel wafer biscuit - 4 syns - and a pasta Mug Shot which is free. That's a lot of food in one afternoon even though not that high in syns and I feel really stuffed now! Dinner: fresh pasta (free), pasta sauce (5), 5 meatballs (15 syns), bit of garlic bread (6 syns). I wanted to do a dessert for my boyfriend as if I don't he tends to go hunting through my cupboard for biscuits, but I hadn't planned anything. I had a packet of creme caramel mix in the cupboard - Greens Carmelle - which I'd never used before, but he likes creme caramel and it was really easy to mix up and didn't take long to set in the fridge, and it tasted pretty good. I can't find it on the SW website so have used the nutritional info from the pack to calculate the syns, but I don't think it takes account of the milk being an option b choice... the website says it has 7 syns per portion so I will count it as that even though I don't think that is necessarily accurate.

Total syns for the day: 43. Was doing so well until dinner - next time I will make my own meatballs as I can make them syn-free.

Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Roast chicken portion with couscous - once I've made up a packet of couscous it doesn't seem to last very long before it starts to taste funny, so I'd better have this two days in a row.
Dinner Salmon with new potatoes and vegetables. I think I'll wrap the salmon in foil with a squeeze of lime, a dash of oil, some herbs and some capers and cook it in the oven.

Did I stick to it? Breakfast: cereal. Went to gym at lunchtime so was really hungry after! Had a roast chicken portion with leftover roast potatoes - free - then two packets of Weightwatchers mini cookies - 10 syns - and a cereal bar, 6 syns. Dinner: leftover pasta and sauce from yesterday - 5 syns - plus 2 sausages that I chopped up and added to the pasta - probably 12 syns. Would have made the salmon but I wanted to use up the pasta and the salmon can stay in the freezer. Then a piece of the cheesecake I took to my parents at the weekend which was lovely, and I am guesstimating 8 syns for it.

Total syns for the day: 41. Just because I'm going on holiday it's no excuse!

Breakfast Mullerlight or if I'm really hungry (and have got time), kedgeree
Lunch Tuna sandwich
Dinner Pre-holiday waxing after work so will need a fairly quick dinner when I get home. There will probably be leftover spaghetti and meatballs so I'll have that.

Did I stick to it? Breakfast: Mullerlight. Met my boyfriend for lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and had a chicken burger - a grilled chicken breast rather than the breadcrumbed option they also offer - though it had cranberry sauce and brie in it, it was lovely! As were the chunky chips... not sure how many syns this would be so I'm going to say 20, the chicken itself would have been free and I can count the bun as my option b choice (I think - I might be stretching the rules slightly!) but the cheese and chips are quite high in syns. At least I didn't need an afternoon snack and after my waxing I didn'#t even really want dinner... but then around 9pm I got really hungry and broke out the junk food! Oh dear.... I had two small deep-dish Chicago Town pizzas in the freezer and I had one... and was still hungry, so had the other! Looking at the SW website now I think that means I ate a horrific 50 syns in one go!
Total syns for the day: Um, 70? Oh dear.... going right back on the diet after my holiday!

Breakfast Mullerlight or if I'm really hungry (and have got time), kedgeree
Lunch Tuna sandwich
Dinner Seeing my boyfriend as I'm going on holiday tomorrow. Quite fancy going out to eat, partly as it's a nice thing to do as I won't see him for a week, and partly because I don't want leftovers in the fridge when I'm going away!

Did I stick to it? Breakfast: Mullerlight. Morning snack: cereal bar 5 syns. Lunch tuna sandwich - 2 syns for the mayo. Afternoon snack Skips 5 syns, cereal bar 5 syns, leftover roast potatoes - free. Went out for dinner with my boyfriend, had some bread as a starter - should probably count about 8 syns - then linguine with prawns and chorizo, probably about 10 syns for the chorizo, and a glass of wine - 7 syns.
Total syns for the day: 42.

Working from home in the morning, then have the afternoon off as I need to leave for the airport at about 2pm
Breakfast Toast
Lunch Pasta with passata and chopped ham
Dinner Who knows, by now I will be in Majorca!

Did I stick to it? Breakfast: cereal. Lunch: sausage sandwich as I wanted something hot but quick, and have eaten too much pasta lately. But I forgot about the cereal so I can't count the bread as option b. I only had 2 sausages in the sandwich but the whole thing is therefore about 20 syns. I've got a chicken and stuffing sandwich to take to the airport to eat later so I'm not tempted by anything too unhealthy and besides, I won't get food on the plane unless I pay for it, and it's not cheap. Anyway I'm not going to count syns any more as I'm off on holiday in an hour!


  1. Oooh, have a fab time on your girlie holiday!


  2. I hope you have an amazing time! Enjoy yourself and indulge a little ;) x

  3. OH yes a GIRLS week out in the sun, what a GREAT holiday! Have a great time and LOVELY meal plan too Caroline!


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