Friday 3 August 2012

Low fat mango trifle

As readers of my Meal Planning Mondays posts will know, I am following the Slimming World diet plan -or at least trying to! It's actually not a restrictive diet in terms of what you can and can't eat - in fact there's nothing you can't eat, as long as you count the syns. I use a lot of their recipes and every so often devise something myself, which I did with this dessert when I wanted something sweet and also had some fresh mango to use up.

I blended the mango with some fat-free natural fromage frais and added some Splenda to sweeten it:

Which left me with this, perhaps a little runnier than I would have liked but not bad:

I broke up one trifle sponge, one meringue nest and spooned the mango mixture over the top. The three layers in a nice glass dish made a lovely little low-fat trifle!

I am sending my trifle into this month's Alphabakes challenge, hosted by my co-host Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker, as the letter this month is T.


  1. fabulous. I need to shed some pounds too so will bookmark this recipe. Love mango too so ideal for me!

  2. Oh Caroline! this looks right up my alley! delicious and I don't have to feel guilty for once :))
    Mary x

  3. I love trifles and this is a great low fat idea. Will definitely be giving this a go.

  4. Love this mango trifles & moreover they're low fat too. I'm trying to lose some weight after gaining almost 10 kg after I've started my blog, 1 year ago! LOL

  5. What a great t! I adore anything with mango so this sounds particularly delicious! and meringue too?! delish!

  6. This looks absolutely yummy and mango is a favorite of mine.


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