Friday 24 August 2012

Camper van birthday card

A  quick Friday lunchtime post... here's a birthday card I made for a male friend. I used a rubber stamp of a camper van which I stamped onto card and mounted onto the card blank. I covered the bottom half of the card with patterned paper, and stuck a wavy piece of sticky ribbon along the join. I used a coloured 'Happy birthday' sticker on a small piece of blue card, to go with the blue of the card itself, and used sticky pads to raise it slightly from the card. I think the patterned paper has a sort of 70s vibe which goes nicely with the camper van as well!


  1. Love this! VW campers are the best! and the patterened paper does fit really well! sticky pads are the best! You are absolutely gonna love the craft shops in the states, Salt Lake has TONS! Do you do any scrapbooking at all?

    1. I don't scrapbook for myself but have made some as gifts, which you can see here:

      ooh I hope we do have time to go to some craft shops! Shopping isn't really on the agenda at all so it depends where they are in SLC, as we are basically parking at Temple Square for a look around then going to Park City where we are staying - the itinerary is so tight every day there isn't really any scope for shopping. We are going to a shopping mall in Denver as my boyfriend's mum wants some things but I don't think there are any craft shops in there. Then on our last day we're doing some sightseeing in Denver but only right in the centre (capitol building etc) so unless I happen to see a shop, I won't be able to go to one. I will keep a lookout though! Oh and because my boyfriend's mum wants to go to this mall I asked if we can go to a Walmart so I can stock up on baking goodies - does Walmart sell craft stuff?

    2. They sure do!! depending on the size of the one you go to they should have a good range. Also if you're ever on a highway and see a Target maybe you could twist their arm to let you look there because their craft and baking ranges are amazing!! Your little mini scrapbooks are cute! My sisters and I are massive scrapbookers...when we went to California, we went on an hour train journey just to get to a scrapbooking shop we'd looked up but it was worth it because it was four storeys, we were in crafting heaven! haha

    3. Oh, now I don't know whether to go to Walmart or Target! Don't think I will have time to do both... though I have mountains of craft supplies already, and hardly ever go to craft shops in this country so Hobbycraft is enough of a treat! Would you say Target or Walmart has the better baking range? I'm also going to Williams Sonoma as that's in a shopping centre someone I'm with wants to go to, so might get something there, though it's not cheap.


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