Monday 9 July 2012

Meal planning Monday - week 3

Breakfast Tortilla - as long as I've had time to make it at the weekend!
Lunch Tuna "mayo" sandwich using fat free natural yogurt - having the bread as a b choice means it will be free, as long as I do have the tortilla for breakfast and don't need to resort to museli.
Dinner invited my boyfriend over for dinner as he's quite busy with work things for the rest of this week I will make the Cannelloni that I planned to do last Saturday but didn't get a chance to. I will make a vegetarian one for me and a meat version for my boyfriend. Mine will use dried cannelloni tubes, basil leaves (growing on my windowsill!), canned spinach (a bit adventurous as I don't actually like spinach but when I've eaten spinach and ricotta cannelloni in restaurants I haven't really tasted it), and cottage cheese as it's lower fat than ricotta or other options. I'll also add some seasoning and use passata to pour over the top. I'm crossing my fingers that my boyfriend will like his meat version as he's only ever eaten cannelloni once before, and he did like it, but it was ready made from Tesco Finest! I'll do him some garlic bread with it and some broccoli for me. My recipe from the Slimming World website should only have 1 syn.

Did I stick to it? Tortilla for breakfast as planned. SW Hi-Fi bar 3 syns. Weightwatchers caramel wafer bar - 4 syns. Lunch - tuna and fat-free natural yogurt in a wholemeal roll - free/option b choice. Special K bar - 4.5 syns. Special K mini breaks cereal bites - 5 syns. For some reason I really had the munchies today and really didn't fancy fruit, but I've had 16.5 syns already today and I haven't even left the office yet! Dinner was as planned, I had the veggie cannelloni (1 syn) and Weightwatchers 2 garlic dough balls (3 syns) - I gave my boyfriend the rest of the packet! He was angling for some angel delight ever since I told him it was in the cupboard and I shared it with him, which meant 7.5 syns for my dessert - a lot given there isn't much to it.
Total syns for the day: 28

Breakfast Either museli or tortilla.
Lunch Planning to meet my boyfriend for lunch as we work within a 15 min walk of each other - not sure where we're going yet.
Dinner  Leftover Chicken, lemon and garlic casserole (Slimming World recipe) with mashed potatoes or rice from Sunday
Make tuna pasta for lunch tomorrow

Did I stick to it? Breakfast - tortilla (free). Lunch: pulled pork ciabatta with apple sauce and skinny fries, if I count the ciabatta as an option b choice and the pork is free, I think I can get away with counting 15 syns for this. I wasn't feeling well all day, and felt a bit better at lunchtime, but felt worse in the afternoon and when I got home at 7pm I went straight to bed!
Total syns for the day: 15

Breakfast  leftover tortilla (free) if there is hopefully some left
Lunch - Tuna pasta (free if I use passata, a couple of syns if I use a low fat sauce.. and lots of syns if I don't use a low fat sauce!)
Dinner beefburger in a wholemeal roll with chips. I never eat this sort of thing at home (although I do like the occasional burger when I'm eating out) and realised that I have a lonely burger in the freezer leftover from ages ago. I also never buy chips - partly because I have a pretty small freezer and I'd rather use the room for chicken breasts, pork chops etc, which always come in multipacks and I live on my own. Also, if I bought chips I would probably eat them all the time! I bought some last week when my boyfriend came over and there are some left, and since I'm not seeing him much this week I think I will cheer myself up with burger and chips. I ought to make homemade Slimming World chips but I find they take over an hour (they just don't crisp up very quickly for some reason) and I won't have time when I get home from work. Having looked up beefburgers on the Slimming World website I've found that they are an average of 5 syns each, which is a lot better than I thought. The roll will be my b choice for today. I'll have mustard in the burger instead of cheese as that's free, and the chips are McCain 5% fat ones so a portion - even a big portion - should be no more than 5 syns. Which potentially means 10 syns for what feels like a very naughty dinner - I just have to be good with snacks today!

Did I stick to it? Called in sick but ended up working from home for most of the day anyway! Didn't really feel like I could face any 'proper' food so had two poptarts (I know, but I'm ill!) for breakfast. Can't find them on the Slimming World website and I'd thrown away the outer packaging, but Googling it suggests they have 10 syns each - oops. I had a late lunch of homemade butternut squash soup (free) and a packet of Skips (5 syns). For dinner I wanted something really plain, along the lines of dry toast but I didn't have any bread in the house, so cooked a portion of oven chips and still left half of them (I must be ill!). Probably had 5 syns worth.
Total syns for the day: 30, that's the last time I eat pop tarts!

Breakfast Poached egg with smoked salmon (free)
Lunch butternut squash soup with a wholemeal bread roll
Dinner salmon with new potatoes and veg

Did I stick to it? Still feeling a bit ropey though I did go back into work. Couldn't face eggs so had a Mullerlight for breakfast (free) then during the morning a packet of Weightwatchers smokey bacon crisps (4 syns). Lunch: tuna and fat-free yogurt in a wholemeal roll (free/ option b. Had a diet coke in the afternoon (free). For some reason when I got home I felt absolutely shattered but also starving hungry so slumped on the sofa... with a 'grab the first thing that looks nice from the cupboard' snack. Remember those choc dip things where you got a little pot of chocolate and some biscuity sticks? Well, I kinda made my own... from some breadsticks and a pot of nutella. Like an adult-sized version of one of my childhood snacks! But no, this won't be going on my blog... and I did feel a bit sick afterwards which will teach me a lesson. No idea how much I ate so I'm going to say 20 syns and that's probably on the conservative side. At least the dinner I cooked later was syn free- roast chicken portion with boiled potatoes.
Total syns for the day: 24... ish. Probably more than that but I don't want to admit it!

Breakfast Poached egg with smoked salmon (free)
Lunch baked potato with cottage cheese (free)
Dinner with my boyfriend - probably at my house though we may go out
 I'm going to make a recipe I saw on the Slimming World website for stuffed conchiglie pasta. I've found some giant pasta shells at Tesco and you stuff them with a mixture of bacon, spinach and quark - the recipe looks lovely and has 2 syns per portion. I'll cook garlic bread for my boyfriend to have with it but I will have broccoli with mine.

Did I stick to it? Breakfast: cereal (option b). Stayed home from work again today as I felt far too ill to manage the hour-long commute. So for lunch I had a small tin of macaroni cheese - 3 syns for a small can, but I couldn't have it on toast as I had no bread. So of course I was still hungry but just fancied something simple so I cooked and ate an entire pouch of Uncle Ben's tomato risotto rice - 4.5 syns. In the afternoon I had two packets of mini Maryland cookies which I have only now discovered have 10 syns per packet - damn! I was feeling a lot better by the evening but my boyfriend wasn't able to come over after all as he had to work late. Haven't seen much of him at all these past few weeks, he's promised he will make it up to me this weekend but I won't hold my breath! I cooked a pork escalope and only ate half of it and gave the other half to the cat, and had some roast potatoes, veg and gravy (1 syn). Later I had a mini pot of Weightwatchers chocolate ice cream which I was quite pleased to find only have 4 syns.
Total syns for the day: 32.5. Wouldn't have had two packets of cookies if I'd known they had 10 syns each!

Breakfast  yogurt or ryvita with Philadelphia light
Lunch baked potato with cottage cheese if there is any left, if not should be able to find another relatively healthy filling
Dinner  with my boyfriend - probably at my house unless we go out Ham joint with mashed potatoes; I will either glaze the ham or make a parsley sauce or something.

Did I stick to it? Running late for Slimming World this morning so had a Special K cereal bar for breakfast (option b). I thought I would probably have lost a couple of pounds as I haven't been well and spent so much time in the bathroom these past few days, but I was amazed to find I'd lost 5 pounds! That got me my half stone award (finally!) and I'm not too far off losing 1 stone- though I know it's down to being ill and I expect I will put some of the weight back on next week. I have to try really hard not to! Lunch: baked potato with cottage cheese(free).
Total syns for the day:

Breakfast brunch with my boyfriend - probably at my house Turkey, bacon and mozzarella ciabatta - the bread will be my option b choice and the turkey and bacon are free, so I only have to count the syns for the mozzarella.
Lunch See above. Though if I have an early brunch I will probably want an afternoon snack before dinner - maybe a pasta Mug Shot if I have any left as they are free.
Dinner  Pork chop with roast potatoes, gravy, vegetables (2 syns for the gravy) and apple sauce if I have any (1 syn)

Did I stick to it?
Total syns for the day:

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