Sunday 1 July 2012

Frugal Food Fridays roundup

Helen at Fuss Free Flavours has invited me to guests host her blogging challenge, Frugal Food Fridays this month.

Frugal Food Fridays are all about saving some money, whilst still enjoying great food.
Money saving topics could be:-

  • Dishes using cheaper ingredients – cheap cuts of meat or vegetarian
  • Meals using leftovers
  • Meals using up the ends of packets
  • Substitutions of cheaper ingredients
  • Packed lunches
  • Meals that use less energy to cook
  • Pressure cooking
  • Slow cooking
  • Faster cooking – less oven time for example
  • Batch cooking for the freezer
  • Sustainable foods
  • Food you have grown yourself
  • Meals from reduced food in the supermarket
So shall we see what's on the kitchen table this month?

I kicked off the challenge myself with a couple of Jubilee themed bakes, both of which used up leftover ingredients and in fact used up some cake pops that went wrong! I made these corgi cake balls

and also these Jubilee cake balls

Next to the party was Becky from Mint Custard who made this panzanella, a summer supper dish that turns stale pieces of bread and some ripe tomatoes into something really special:

Leftovers always reminds me of bubble and squeak, something my mum used to make - but I've never seen it in an omlette like Debby from Cooking Up a Storm in a Teacup did here. I'm impressed at how many ingredients she's managed to squeeze into this!

Al from Alastair's Miscellany - who happens to be a good friend of mine from university- threw together all the "bits left over in the fridge at the end of the week" which turned into this egg and ham pie. A nice bit of creativity!

I got creative with some leftovers myself with these fishcakes, which I christened "Baltimore style" as they use a seasoning a colleague brought me over from our company's office in Baltimore.

Sayantani of A Homemaker's Diary whipped up this soy chunks curry which she says makes a very satisfying meal when paired with roti

Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes delivered a batch of cheese scones which is a frugal recipe but you wouldn't know from looking at them!

From the intriguingly-named Warteg Gaziantep comes this Fried Sandwich , which looks like a really tasty way of using up slightly stale bread:

This lemon yogurt cake comes from The More Than Occasional Baker, who used up some lemons leftover from another cake and some yogurt she'd bought for another recipe. It looks really moist and citrusy!

This mitha chana dal comes from the Turmeric Kitchen. It's a dish made of split yellow peas, fresh coconut paste and assorted spices and is cooked in a pressure cooker; the combination of flavours sounds delicious

These capsicum omlettes are a great idea, and thrifty too - an egg cooked inside a slice of red pepper! Brought to you by Recipe World.

The wonderfully-named Cookaroo sent us these banana oatmeal wholewheat muffins which uses up a whole host of things sitting in her pantry, including some ripe bananas. They look really yummy!

I'm a big fan of pizza so was excited to see this Sicilian Pizza - Sfincione - from Blue Kitchen Bakes. It's cheap to make, uses up leftover ingredients and looks delicious.

And last but not least we have this biscuit crumb bread from Helen at Fuss Free Flavours - the brains behind Frugal Food Fridays no less. Her tin of crackers fell onto the floor and she used the resulting crumbs in a loaf of bread - what a good idea!

Thanks to everyone who linked up this month - if you're interested in guest hosting Frugal Food Fridays yourself, please contact Helen at Fuss Free Flavours.

For July, Frugal Food Fridays is hosted by Blue Kitchen Bakes.


  1. Lovely round up - lots of new things to try :)

  2. the cheese scones is GREAT! we love it :)

  3. Great round up. Thanks for was fun to join in.


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