Thursday 19 July 2012

Brown and cream birthday card

Just a quick craft post as I haven't done one for a while.. here's a birthday card I made intending it to be unisex, and ended up giving to a male friend.
I used a cream square card blank and cut a strip of brown and white spotted paper with a wiggly line and stuck it along the bottom of the card. I then cut out a rectangle with a pointed end from a similar piece of paper, brown with pink spots, and used a button embellishment that I mounted onto a circle of brown paper from the same set to anchor it to the card, and make a kind of tag or label effect. I used another button embellishment near the bottom and another one at the top, to pull the sections of the card together, and finally placed a gold 'happy birthday' outline sticker along the bottom. I wasn't following any particular design, just making it up as I went along!


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