Friday 1 June 2012

Jubilee cake balls

Here's another quick bake that was also designed to use up the cake pops that went a bit wrong! So as before, I turned a madeira cake into crumbs

Then used buttercream to form a soft dough

Rolled it into balls and when I couldn't get them to stay on the cake pop sticks (doh!) I covered them in some spare white fondant that needed using up:

I dabbed some edible glue onto the fondant and coated the balls in red, white and blue sprinkles. There you go: Jubilee cake balls!

 And since once again I was using up leftovers/ waste, I am entering this into Frugal Food Fridays, which I am guest hosting this month. Feel free to add anything to the linkup here!


  1. Great idea - I love making cake balls/truffles. A really good way to use up leftover cake. Love the Jubilee theme :)

    1. Thanks - they're not as good as your jubilee cakes!


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