Friday 18 May 2012

Shoe birthday card

I made this birthday card for my sister using a gatefold card - a card that opens outwards from the middle. It gives some interesting opportunities for design as it means you have two symmetrical rectangles on the front, which you can either treat as mirror images of each other, or put different things on each side, or put something across the join to connect the two sides.

That's what I've done here - I had bought a few sheets of shoe-related die-cuts and related backing papers a while ago. I covered both sides of the front of the card with the backing paper and used a large shoe die cut which I glued to one side of the opening. I used two matching square die-cuts on the front to give a symmetrical design.


I also decided that the inside of the card needed something so I covered it with a piece of printed paper that was like tracing paper, so I could still write on it without having to worry that the words wouldn't show up without the background.

So when the card stands up, you can see part of the inside as well as the front. Simple but I quite like this one.


  1. Caroline the card is awesome. Thanx for sharing the tips on making it.

  2. Excellent card - love the shoe design!


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