Saturday 3 March 2012

Frugal Frittata - inspired by Slimming World

I was working from home one day recently and wanted to make myself a healthy "low Syn" (Slimming World) lunch. This idea was partly inspired by the Spanish tortilla my boyfriend's mum makes, partly inspired by a recipe on the Slimming World website and partly inspired by things I needed to use up in my fridge - some leftover potato and a red pepper that had seen better days in particular! Firstly I roughly chopped the potato, pepper and some red onion, and added to them in the frying pan in reverse order.
 Frying everything together - with some low cal spray oil
 Beat two eggs and pour over the top, and continue to cook
 Turn upside down on a plate to serve. A nice, filling, Syn-free lunch!

I am entering this in Frugal Food Fridays, as the ingredients are cheap and I was using up leftovers in my fridge. This month Frugal Food Fridays is hosted by Tales of Pigling Bland


  1. Perfect for getting rid of all the little bits and pieces in the fridge ;) gonna do this next time i have veggies i want to get rid of :P Thanks for sharing!

    1. It was yummy! I think I might share more recipes for meals I've cooked rather than just cakes I've baked. For one thing, doing Slimming World means I shouldn't be baking as much!

  2. Hi Caroline, that looks far too filling and tasty to be a slimmers lunch! Thanks for taking part in FFF. Are you on Twitter?

  3. Looks lovely. I often use up leftover vegetables and potatoes to make things like this.

  4. I did the same too. Better make the most of it then throwing them away. Moreover they taste great with eggs too! :)

  5. I love cleaning out the fridge like this. Eggs seem to love just about anything, much like me!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Caroline...

  6. Thanks - the FFF round up is up -


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