Saturday 17 March 2012

The birthday boys are 2

My boyfriend's nephews turn 2 tomorrow and I wanted to make them each a birthday card (they are twin boys) -but had to bear in mind the cards couldn't involve any small pieces that might fall off and get swallowed!

So I decided it was best to stick to die-cuts and stickers. For the first card, I bought some glitter 'outer space' stickers and covered a square card blank in blue paper. I added the stickers, including one that is a speech bubble, and on that I put an outline sticker of 'happy birthday' and the number 2.

For the animal card, I bought a decoupage set that just needed the shapes cutting out. I used foam adhesive pads between each layer to make a 3D effect. I covered a white square card blank in yellow paper, and I already had a packet of die-cut balloons at home so I overlapped three of them at the top of the card, and added a 'happy birthday' outline sticker and a red number 2.

I think this is the first time I've made a birthday card for a child so it's hard to know what a 2-year old would like - I thought I would stick to bright colours, simple shapes, and while I think the animals are good, I'm not sure if the space theme is a bit too grown-up for a 2-year old - but I'm sure he won't care!


  1. So cute I love this cake! What a wonderful idea! Have a wonderful week! I am off to peek around your blog a bit more!


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