Monday 27 August 2018

Meal Planning Monday 2018 Week 35

Last week was pretty rubbish as my husband has been not feeling well for several days so I didn't make most of the meals I'd planned, or either of the desserts as we didn't go to the party. It's meant I have lots of random ingredients in the fridge to freeze or use up!

This weekend should be quite exciting though as my little girl turns six months and we are going to begin weaning. I've decided to do a mixture of puree and baby led weaning (where you give them pieces of food to pick up and eat as they wish) but starting with purees. I've got a couple of Annabel Karmel books which recommend starting with just a couple of spoonfuls of carrot puree once a day around lunchtime, and progressing from there. I've been making purees and putting them in the freezer so will make a list of what I plan to give baby S each day so I don't forget!

Monday - bank holiday
Lunch - crumpets
Dinner - chicken and bacon pie (ready made) with mashed potato and veg

rest of pie which I think will last two days, with chips

meatballs and pasta with homemade basil pesto

chicken curry

Tacos - either chicken or fish with potato wedges

Lunch fresh pasta with garlic bread
Dinner sausage casserole

Lunch bacon sandwich for us; and carrot puree for baby S
Dinner Spanish style chicken bake, based on this recipe

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