Tuesday 21 August 2018

Meal Planning Monday 2018 Week 34

The mini moo (baby S) and I had a nice few days last week with my parents visiting though my mum was ill on their last day which put paid to our plans to going out for lunch and a date night with my husband in the evening.

chicken tacos with leftover chicken from the roast I did at the weekend

marinaded tuna steak from this recipe for me, sausage and chips for him

meatballs and pasta with homemade basil pesto

chicken and bacon pie and mashed potato

Spanish style chicken bake, based on this recipe

Lunch/Dinner - BBQ with family. I need to take a dessert so plan to make a white chocolate and strawberry marquise

Lunch - fresh pasta we didn't have last week
Dinner - sausage casserole with mashed potato
Dessert - chocolate cheesecake trifle based on this recipe (but without the Baileys)

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