Monday 21 August 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 Week 34

Breakfast yogurt or porridge if time
Lunch vegetable soup and wholemeal roll
Dinner chicken pie and mashed potato for him, harissa-spiced mackerel with cumin potato hash for me

Breakfast yogurt or porridge if time
Lunch tuna sandwich
Dinner peppered beef grillsteak, chips and beans for him; rest of mackerel for me (I have to defrost two pieces at once)

Breakfast yogurt or porridge if time
Lunch chicken soup and a wholemeal roll
Dinner out - going to a sci-fi exhibition at the Barbican

Breakfast porridge
Lunch tuna sandwich
Dinner chicken chargrills and mashed potato for him, lamb grillsteak and roast potatoes for me - or butternut squash enchiladas

Breakfast yogurt or porridge if time
Lunch  sandwich
Dinner my parents will be here - my husband has requested burgers and chips

Breakfast toast or yogurt
Lunch out
Dinner roast chicken portions as I've got several to use up in the freezer, with roast potatoes or chips if there's not enough time for roast potatoes, depending on when we get home. Dessert is something I've had in the freezer for a while.

Breakfast toast or yogurt
Lunch with the in-laws so cooking for six people, one of whom is vegetarian: chicken/ butternut squash enchiladas and potato wedges. For dessert I will make chocolate cream pie.
Dinner as we will have had a big meal at lunch, I will do a light dinner of toasted cheese sandwiches and/or crumpets

Monday - including in this week's meal plan as it's a bank holiday and my parents are still here
Breakfast toast or yogurt
Lunch - relatively early as we are then going out: full English or equivalent (eg sausage, bacon, hash browns, eggs etc) or sausage/bacon sandwich if preferred
Dinner - something fairly quick as we won't be back home til late afternoon: I'm thinking I will buy a big tray of lasagne and if my husband wants he can have carbonara as he never wants the same thing as me!

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