Monday 24 July 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 30

We had a barbecue at the weekend which was fun despite the weather - the rain put some people off though and we had about half the number of guests we expected, so we have a lot of leftover food! I need to eat healthily though it's tempting to try to use up all the leftover food as well, so I'm going to allow myself one 'treat' meal then get back on the healthy eating bandwagon - especially as I'm away for a bit at the weekend visiting my sister and her partner and my baby niece.

Breakfast  porridge
Lunch chicken salad
Dinner hotdogs and leftover potato salad

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch jacket potato with tuna
Dinner chicken pasta carbonara in the slow cooker

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch chicken salad
Dinner not sure as I will be home a bit late - going shopping after work for some bits for my niece

Breakfast yogurt
Lunch chicken salad
Dinner pie and mash

Breakfast porridge
Lunch tuna sandwich
Dinner at my sister's

Breakfast at my sister's
Lunch at my sister's
Dinner back late so will decide what to eat based on when I get home

Breakfast TBA - might have a lie in for the first time in weeks!
Lunch bacon sandwich for him, mackerel in mustard sauce on toast for me
Dinner roast chicken

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