Tuesday 11 July 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 Week 28

I'm writing this in advance of our holiday - we are coming back from Malta on Tuesday so I'm going food shopping on Wednesday morning and need to have the shopping list already in place! For reasons I won't bore you with I have to take a 2-week block away from work once a year, so even though we only went away for a week (we've just had new double glazing done so two weeks away was a bit expensive) I've got the rest of this week off, and my husband decided to take the rest of the week off too.

Lunch: at airport/ on plane
Dinner: takeaway as we won't be back in time to go shopping and then cook (also as I have a circuits class tonight I want to get to!)

Lunch: chicken, pesto and sundried tomato ciabatta
Dinner: harissa prawns with cauliflower couscous for me, harissa chicken with mashed potato for him

Lunch: cauliflower soup/ tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich based on this recipe
Dinner: pork chop with quinoa and roasted veg for me, gammon and chips for him

Lunch: jacket potato with tuna for me, bacon sandwich for him
Dinner: chicken shawarma with garlic sauce and flatbreads

Lunch: At a car show at Sherborne Castle so will take a picnic
Dinner: something like frozen pizza as we will be back late

Lunch: pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
Dinner: roasted sausage and potato bake

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