Monday 10 April 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 15

Another busy week where I am so late in planning this week's meals it's Monday already and I have no idea what we are eating this week! Of course it's Easter this weekend as well; in the UK we get two public holidays which makes a four-day weekend. I don't have any plans at all at the moment other than a lot of jobs around the house!

Lunch - macaroni cheese (working from home as I had a doctor's appointment
Dinner - salmon fillet with cous cous and cauliflower rice for me, chicken breast and mash for him

Supposed to be working from home but will go in as I was off yesterday
Lunch- chicken salad
Got someone coming to do us a quote for double glazing this evening so will need an easy dinner I don't need to keep an eye on
Dinner - sausage and chips

Lunch-  chicken salad
Dinner- out with a friend

Lunch-  salad
Dinner- my husband is out so I might just have some pasta or something simple

bank holiday - Good Friday
Lunch - eggs bunnadict (name hat-tip: ETM bar group. But their dish is a sweet dessert involving panna cotta on a hot cross bun base; I'm going to use Marks & Spencer's new cheese and onion hot cross buns (I need to be sorting out the garage rather than making my own) with bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
Dinner - tuna with salsa verde from an old Weightwatchers magazine for me, toad in the hole and mashed potatoes for him

Lunch- buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup
Dinner- coronation chicken and potato pies from an old Tesco magazine recipe
dessert - hot cross bunny ice cream sundae (a much smaller version of this Sainsbury's recipe)

Lunch- it's Easter Sunday so it's going to have to be roast lamb even though my husband doesn't eat lamb! He can have chicken and I think we might invite his mum as well who is vegetarian... might do this recipe, which means I'm cooking three different things, but I never get to have roast lamb so I want it! As I'm not one of the lucky people with a double oven I will do the butternut squash in the slow cooker. Dessert: crème egg meringues from a Cadburys recipe they sent me
Evening - crumpets, hot cross buns

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  1. Sounds great, I don't eat lamb so none for us this week. He meringues sound fab x

  2. Hooray for a four day weekend! Your Easter weekend meals sound lovely and I hope you enjoy your lamb. Hope you have a lovely Easter and thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x


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