Wednesday 6 May 2015

Giant Filled Yorkshire Pudding

Many years ago when I was at university I had a meal – probably with my then-boyfriend, or possibly my parents – in the pub opposite the back gate of college. Back then it was called the Bun Shop, but it seems to have changed hands (or name at least) as when I went back to Cambridge this year I saw it was now called the Cambridge Brew House. The meal really stuck in my mind because it was simple, based on something I really enjoyed – a Yorkshire pudding – but a way of serving it that I’d never come across before. Essentially, it was a whole roast dinner – in a Yorkshire pudding.
When I recently came across Aunt Bessie’s Giant Yorkshire Puddings in the supermarket I was reminded of this meal and decided to make my own. You can make your own Yorkshire but it needs to be quite deep with a flat base and high sides – so I thought I was better off using one of Aunt Bessie’s!

You can put anything in that you like, but it needs to be already cooked through as the Yorkshire only takes about ten minutes in a hot oven. It’s a really good way of using leftover meat from a roast dinner – you can even add any leftover roast potatoes or vegetables, and pour gravy over the top. Alternatively you could fry some chicken and bacon and make a white sauce.




  1. Oh my word, I've only just eaten yet I'm salivating over this, it looks gorgeous

  2. We have been buying beef filled roast dinner in a giant yorkshire pudding for ages.


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