Tuesday 4 September 2012

Turkey, bacon and cheese escalopes

I often struggle to think of things to cook when my boyfriend comes over for dinner, as he is extremely fussy and has fairly simple tastes - he doesn't like sauces, or strong flavours, and generally prefers to eat things like pizza or burger and chips - but he's not doing that in my house! (Well, not all the time, anyway). So one thing I like to do is my own homemade version of something that he already eats out of a packet, so I know he will like it, but that my version will be healthier - and also that it is made with love :-)

So one night recently I hit upon the idea of turkey escalopes filled with bacon and cheese. I started off by cooking some bacon: in retrospect, I should have made this healthier by using my George Foreman grill.

Then I set out three bowls, containing flour, an egg (beaten after this photo) and Paxo breadcrumbs

Lay a turkey escalope out flat and place a piece of bacon then a thick slice of mozzarella cheese on top

Carefully holding the cheese and bacon onto the turkey, dip each side in the flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs. Place on a baking tray: they don't look half bad!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo after they had been cooked but the escalopes basically look the same as above, only darker and crispier. When you cut into them you get a great combination of turkey, cheese and bacon. My boyfriend really liked these and asked me to make them again so I think I can put them down as a success!

I am sending this to This Week's Cravings Link Party at Mom's Crazy Cooking, where this time you can enter absolutely anything at all!



  1. honestly, sometimes surely its easier just to get a new boyfriend?... they look divine though so you can see why he'd love em!

  2. Yum! Well it passed the boyfriend taste test so it must be good :)

  3. I'm not sure whether I'd enjoy them as they are turkey, but I might try these with a different meat!

  4. Those do look good, bacon and cheese are perfect accompaniments to most foods!

    My boyfriend used to be like yours and left to his own devices he would only eat what I call 'freezer food' i.e. chicken burgers, pizzas etc. Since moving in together 5 years ago I've managed to retrain his taste buds, still can't get him to cook though!

  5. Delicious recipe - I'm sure he'll be happy to visit!
    Mary x


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