Monday 10 September 2018

Meal Planning Monday 2018 Week 37

Our first week of weaning has gone really well so far, though it has been quite messy! At the time of writing baby S has enjoyed carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, broccoli and avocado. She's moving on to banana tomorrow which neither my husband nor I like, but apparently most babies love it!

My husband took a few days off last week which was a bit last minute so I ended up changing the menu slightly, so some of the things I meant to make last week but didn't will be repeated this week.

Monday - my husband is off too
Lunch- out
For baby S - avocado
Dinner - spiced lamb and herby quinoa crumble from this recipe for me, chicken chargrills for him 

Tuesday - my husband is off again
Lunch- bacon sandwich or pancakes I was going to do last week but didn't (though may not have time as we have to go out at 2)
For baby S - sweet potato with broccoli puree
Dinner - pasta with prawns and chorizo for me, meatballs for him

Lunch- jacket potato
For baby S - baby rice with strawberry puree
Dinner- beef pot roast I was going to do last week but didn't

Lunch- sandwich
For baby S - baby rice with strawberry puree
Dinner - beef curry with leftover beef

Lunch- sandwich or pasta
For baby S - sweet potato and broccoli puree
Dinner -  gammon grill steaks and chips for him, homemade lasagne from the freezer for me

Lunch- mini pizzas with mozzarella sticks
For baby S - baby rice and banana puree
Dinner - My husband wants to use the barbecue one last time before we put it away so hopefully the weather will be ok

Lunch-cauliflower cheese crispy grills for me, cheese omelette for him
For baby S  - cauliflower cheese puree from Heinz - want to see what she thinks of one from a jar in case we need to take one when out and about
Dinner - Fajita chicken puff from this recipe

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  1. The lamb and quinoa crumble sounds absolutely delicious! Glad you posted the recipe. I shall give it a try soon.


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