Monday 28 May 2018

Meal Planning Monday 2018 Week 22

I've had a lovely bank holiday weekend with a birthday barbecue on Saturday at a friend's who lives nearby - most of my friends live hours away so it was lovely to be able to go and hang out in their garden in an easy, low key way - the highlight was the company of course, plus the weather was great (just about OK for my little girl as we kept her in the shade) and the birthday cake came from Konditor and Cook - yum!

Then today we were at another barbecue, this time for two family birthdays - the weather was great (there had been thunderstorms forecast originally) and it was lovely seeing the in-laws and cousins while enjoying a glass of prosecco.

This weekend coming we are visiting my parents for my mum's birthday and my daughter will get to meet her cousin on my side of the family for the first time!

at a barbecue

Meatballs and pasta for him, smoked salmon pasta for me

Chicken cacciatore from my batch cooking in the freezer for me, chicken chargrills for him

Weather is meant to be nice so I think we will barbecue - sausages, chorizo pittas and maybe some potato wedges too

Barbecue - chicken skewers, burgers, garlic bread

Lunch cinnamon swirls and pain au chocolat as an easy quick option before we hit the road
Dinner with my parents

Lunch with my parents
Dinner takeaway or frozen pizza


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