Monday 22 May 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 21

Lunch: chicken salad with mango and feta
Dinner: salmon, new potatoes and veg in a cheesy sauce for me, beef grillsteak and mashed potato for him

Tuesday  - working from home
Lunch: chicken salad with mango and feta and hot new potatoes since I am at home - OR if the weather is cold and we have leftover bread from the weekend I will have soup
Dinner: ready meal and veg after circuits class - OR the salad I would have had at lunch

Lunch: quick sandwich - need an early quick lunch as I have meetings from 12 until 2.30
Dinner: out with my mother-in-law for her birthday

Lunch: salad - either as before or Tabbouleh from Leon recipe book
Dinner: most likely home late after a work event, so something easy from the freezer or a salad I can throw together depending on the weather

Lunch: salad
Dinner: fish and chips from the freezer for me, chicken and chips for my husband, or if it's barbecue weather which I think from the forecast it might be, we have plenty in the freezer.

Saturday - bank holiday weekend
Lunch: early lunch with my parents then a cream tea in the afternoon with my friends for a birthday celebration
Dinner: eating at my friend's house

Lunch: Nigella's croquet monsieur bake
Dinner: grilled cod with jerk spice based on this recipe - or with chicken for my husband, with potato wedges

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