Monday 27 February 2017

Meal Planning Monday 2017 - Week 9

This week's meal plan...

Monday – I’m at a work event in evening so home late, but not out all evening, so we can have pizzas from the freezer (update - I was even later than I thought so had something from the train station for my dinner!)
Tuesday – pancake day. My vegetarian mother-in-law is coming to dinner, and as usual I’m working from home today. She loved the macaroni cheese I made once before so this time I am going to make macaroni cheese with garlic bread crust from this recipe -with a couple of sausages for my husband as he doesn’t think pasta by itself is really a meal!
Dessert: pancakes: I'm going to try this Nigella recipe as I already have Frangelico at home and it sounds delicious!
Wednesday- stir-fry with chicken and mooli for me, chicken chargrill for him
Thursday – tagliatelle with prawns for me, meatballs for him (using up the chopped tomatoes and white wine I have open)
Friday - something with chips from the freezer
Lunch- Greggs baked bean pasty with potato waffles for him, and for me tuna spaghetti
Dinner- chicken and potatoes in a creamy garlic sauce from this recipe
Lunch- going to see my sister and niece
Dinner- not sure what time we will be back - probably something from the freezer
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  1. Sounds good. We always have a freezer meal or two in for those days when you need something quick #mealplanningmomday


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